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AI Farm joins The International Society of Precision Agriculture

September27, 2021 AI Farm (Nasdaq OTC-BB: AIFM). a company to create innovative solutions for the Agricultural Business (Smart farming) announced today that it has applied to register AI Farm as a member of the International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA). ISPA is a non-profit organization to support and help it”s members to develop scientific solutions for the agricultural business. The ISPA is a worldwide network and has members in various countries. It organizes regularly held conferences in different countries. Members can exchange information about latest developments, new technologies or participate on the conferences. 


AI Farm believes in the concept and the strength of the network of ISPA. ISPA is the leading platform for the agricultural business. With the membership with ISPA AI Farm joins a strong organization and has the possibility to interact with other companies to exchange information on technology and new developments around smart farming.


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AI Farm is an innovative farming and commodity management company that operates to design, patent and market smart farming solutions for the agricultural business. With the use of new technologies like drones, robots and a web- based management system a modern agriculture can be established that saves cost and resources and enables a higher output on the same size of land. This technology can be used worldwide by professional growers, urban farmers or fruit producers The market potential is worldwide, especially in Asia.

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